Rock a sleek, silky style with Cloud Nine The Original Iron. Utilising state of the art temperature control technology, this revolutionary styler creates effortless looks in an instant- without the fried locks you’ve come to expect from other styling irons. Cloud Nine’s unique approach to styling creates any look you can imagine while keeping the health and integrity of your strands intact.

Whether you want to smooth, flick, curl or straighten your hair – you can with this Cloud Nine iron at a lower temperature than you ever thought possible. The added beauty of less heat? Less damage to your hair. This is a straightener that’s packed with incredible features. From the simple-to-follow temperature gauge, to the hibernation mode and swivel cord, it has everything you need to make the most of your style.
What's more, its unique black plates provide added shine every time you use them.

Cloud Nine The Original Iron key benefits:

  • Temperature Control Panel:
    The LED panel on this iron helps you control how much heat you apply to your hair, with an easy to read display and a wide array of heat options.
  • Ceramic Plates:
    Cloud Nine’s special ingredient incorporated into the plates gives your hair added shine every time you use your irons.
  • Swivel Cord:
    You can enjoy incredible freedom of movement when styling your hair, allowing you to create something wonderful without worry.
  • Heat Guard:
    As soon as you're finished using your irons, you can clasp them back together, slip on the protective heat guard and allow them to cool down safely.
  • Hibernation Mode:
    An unused iron will activate a sleep mode, which cools the iron down, after 30 minutes.



Cloud Nine The Original Iron


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