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Starting with an in-depth consultation to determine your inspirational colour result, using high end Lakme colours followed with a prescription shampoo + conditioner and massage!

Retouch 6-7 weeks                   from $85

Partline 2-4 weeks                    from $55

Short Tint                                  from $100

Medium Tint                             from $115

Long Tint                                   from $135


Blonde Retouch Toner             from $175                       

Lakme Toner                              from $55                   

Specialized Toner                      from $95

Root Shadow                             from $55

We also stock B3 and Olaplex for all our colours!

Mens and Womens Hair Salon - Olaplex Salon Melbourne - Blonde Balayage Ombre Colourist Specialist

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