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Break up with Breakage!

Breakage is frustrating!

It can be easy to control if you know what to do and how to handle your hair.

Usually, it's purely because of how you treat your hair daily and can also come down to your hairdresser and the products they use...

Breakage occurs when the hair strand breaks. This can be caused by poor product usage, (such as supermarket shampoo and conditioner) over use of styling products and also bleaching your hair.

How you can have Healthy Hair!


Trimming off these dead ends will not only make your hair look thicker, it will make the growing process faster! You're just holding on to the scraggly bits otherwise...... Use a light oil Tinsel from R+Co OR a cream Olaplex No 6 on your ends daily to smooth the ends out too!


You don't always need Foils! These days we are able to let our natural colours grow and balayage with a Root Shadow has never been bigger. Tone those roots and ends so you will feel like your hair is replenished!

And of course, if you are using supermarket shampoo and conditioner, honestly this is the worst stuff to use on your hair. It strips colour and the detergent (which is used as a foaming agent) will only add damage to the hair!

LIGHTENING AND COLOURING YOUR HAIR The hair world has come a long way in the past couple of years. We have amazing knowledge and products to work with and education is at all time high for us.

Now we have access to a products like OLAPLEX and BRAZILIAN BOND BUILDER B3, which help us to push our boundaries that little bit further without damaging the hair. We can put this into any colour so it penetrates into the colour without changing the colour choice. There are OLAPLEX and B3 DEMI basin treatments, if your hair requires a little more TLC you can take home a bottle of OLAPLEX No3 or B3 MASQUE treatment to use at home before your next salon service.

Please listen to your hairdresser to make sure you use your Bond Builder's correctly as it's not a conditioner, its a bond builder.

We also offer a range of in salon treatments which are more intense and a fantastic way to make your hair feel stronger and helps to build that strength again.


Also let your hair naturally dry if you aren't going out and it doesn't matter. If you find your hair goes frizzy, ensure you are using a frizz defence product or smoothing product. (check out our AGIOne Blog post)

BRUSHING Brushing with PURPOSE. Brush your hair before you wash your hair from the ends, mid-lengths then roots which helps to stimulate your scalp. Using a good quality brush such as Wet Brush or Evo Paddle Brush. This honestly gets through the toughest knots!!

HAIR STYLE Try to avoid your hair up in a slicked pony tail or bun everyday. Experiment with hair scrunchies or curly hair ties if you need to wear it up! These don't have the metal snag on them which tend to pull and dint the hair!

Here's to fresh, shiny and HEALTHY hair!

Madeeka Hair xx

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