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AGI One Smoothing Treatment

Everything you need to know about AGIOne Smoothing Treatment

AGI One Smoothing Treatment

Let's introduce AGI ONE to those who aren’t familiar.

AGI ONE is the best thing to happen in the hair smoothing world! It’s unique technology works to smooth and condition hair by releasing nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft. This allows the smoothing treatment to begin the repair your hair from the inside. it also simultaneously creates a protective film over the outer layer of your hair.

Consider it a smoothing system with the added benefit of intense hydration!

How is AGI ONE different to a Keratin treatment?

The key difference between the two is that AGI ONE doesn’t use a Keratin base to create its results. AGI ONE is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health.

How Does this affect hair colour?

AGI ONE doesn’t affect current or future colours AT ALL. In fact, you can colour immediately after the service without fear of AGI ONE losing its effect, longevity or intensity.

How does the treatment withstand swimming in chlorinated/saltwater? Does this significantly alter the longevity for the client?

With swimming in chlorinated/salt water, if this is a frequent occurrence we do recommend taking precautions such as swimming cap, washing hair after etc. Otherwise no, this shouldn’t affect longevity at all if take home care is being used correctly.

Is specific shampoo required?

The AGI ONE Take home care is recommended but if you have a range that your clients love, they can use that as an alternative.

Does the treatment ‘fade’ out or grow out?

The treatment acts similarly to a keratin in this way as you won’t find any frizzy “regrowth” like you would with a chemical straighten, the effects of the system will slowly fade over time.

Although it defrizz’ does it significantly straighten?

On certain hair types we have seen significant relaxing of curls and kinks but we don’t recommend this for straightening hair.

Is this suitable for ALL hair types?

YES! AGI ONE has specially formulated three solutions for a broad spectrum of hair types.

Happy frizz free Hair!

Madeeka Hair xx

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